Full Exterior Protection against the WA Climate
Paint. Wheels. Glass. Trims. Headlights and Tail lights.

Gtechnic Ceramic Coating Perth

What's Included?

• Multi-Stage Wash
• Complete Exterior Decontamination
• Claybar Treatment
• Paint Thickness Report (PTR)

• Single-Stage Paint Correction to remove up to 70% of Paint Imperfections and Defects
• Full Degrease and Preparation

• Single Application of selected Serum base coating to Paintwork
• Application of
Clearvision on Glass
• Application of
Wheel Armour on Wheel Faces
• Application of
Trim on all exterior plastics
• Application of selected
Top Coat  
• 12 hours of indoor curing time  
• Coating test prior to vehicle handover

• Includes a free maintenance wash following application
• Includes 5 or 9 Year Warranty

Gtechnic Ceramic Coating Perth


A 3-stage process for every Treatment

Ceramic Coating Perth


A Complete Reset.

We start off with our decontamination process.
This focuses on removing 100% of contaminants embedded in your paintwork before we move to our preparation stage.

This process includes a multi-stage wash,
iron fallout & tar removal, and a clay bar treatment.

Ceramic Coating Perth


High-gloss Polishing.

With all the contaminants removed, we continue with our preparation stage. This focuses on removing minor defects and imperfections in your clearcoat while giving it a high gloss finish.

This process includes a enhancement polishing or a paint correction, followed by a complete IPA wipe to achieve a maximum bonding of the coating to the paintwork.

Ceramic Coating Perth


The Final Stage.

Protected with a modified 3-Layer coating system for maximum protection.

This process includes a primer, application of your selected Base Coat and a Top Coat, followed by a 12 hour curing time, 2 hours of coating testing and inspection prior to vehicle handover.

Which Serum
should I Choose?

If this is your first time getting a coating, or if the vehicle is over 3 years old, We would highly recommend getting our Light as your base coat partnered with our aftercare program

If the vehicle is brand new, or it's getting parked outside most of its life then we would recommend getting our Ultra basecoat.

Gtechnic Ceramic Coating Perth

Ready to Protect your Vehicle?

Start by selecting a Base Coat

Gtechnic Ceramic Coating PerthGtechnic Ceramic Coating Perth
Perfect for the Daily Driver
Gtechnic Ceramic Coating PerthGtechnic Ceramic Coating Perth
Ultra Protection for 9 Years

Want to include the Interior?

Gtechnic Ceramic Coating Perth

Upgrade to our Platinum Packages to include a Full Vehicle Decontamination, Interior Leather protection, Dashboard and Vinyl UV Coating for an extra $400.


For more information not listed here, feel free to contact us

Why Perth Ceramic Coating

You've heard of us for a reason.
Our Serum treatment offers you the best protection for it's quality and value.

Partnered with our outstanding warranty and aftercare support, that means for any questions you have or issues that you are experiencing, our team will be available to respond within 12 hours / 7 days a week (Yes, even on Sundays).


We are are located in Unit 28/4 Wicks Street, Bayswater, 6053, WA

Opening hours:
Mon-Friday: 9am - 5:30pm
Saturdays: (by appointment only)
Sundays: (by appointment only)

The nearest train station is Ashfield Train Station, and it is 1.3km from our workshop.

Reserving a Booking

We got 2 bays available and 1 extra bay for urgent bookings

Each treament requires a $100 fully refundable deposit.

This can be paid online via our booking system, bank transfer, or in-store.

For booking cancellations, we respectfully ask for you to cancel at least 48 hours prior to your booking for a full refund of your $100 booking deposit.

Is Gtechniq right for my vehicle?

Selecting a ceramic coating in Perth may seem like a tedious effort, especially with many false claims such as "scratch proof" and "not washing your vehicle again" while other mobile installations fail to meet proper installation and curing process.

Gtechniq coatings are known for their long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and harmful elements. The coating will make the paintwork look glossier, shinier, and more vibrant, which enhances the overall look of the vehicle while protecting it from environmental elements.

This is long-lasting protection is only achievable with proper installation and curing process

Perth Ceramic Coating provides Proper Gtechniq Coating Installation and Certified Warranty for your peace of mind

How long do you require my vehicle for?

For the standard Serum Treatment, we require the vehicle for a minimum of 24 hours
For Plus and Platinum Treatments, we require an additional 6-12 working hours

Pick-up hours may be adjusted depending on the vehicle paint condition

We take pride of our work as Quality worksmanship requires time.
Every coating is tested prior to vehicle handover to ensure coating longevity

Vehicle cannot be picked-up until we are satisfied with our final work

What payments do you accept?

We accept all major cards including; Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, UnionPay, Paypal, Cash, EFTPOS and BankTransfer

As of June 2023, we are now also accepting ZipPay and AfterPay

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